5 ways to Pet Proof Blinds and Keep Your Home Amazing

Pets are absolutely amazing companions, always ready to give us lots of slobbery, wet kisses and lots of love. And while they’re wonderful cuddlers and so sweet to hold, sometimes life as a pet owner is as exhausting as it is with a group of toddlers running around the room. Dogs suffer from anxiety and other conditions that sometimes causes them to act up when mommy and daddy aren’t around. And some dogs just love to have fun when no one is watching.  In either situation, disaster at the home is abound. It seems the blinds are one of the first pieces of the home damaged.

Pet proof blinds

Blinds are featured in the window of many homes because they are easy to use, allow the sunshine to come in the home, and oftentimes are less expensive than other window treatment options. But, this doesn’t mean that you want your pet tearing them up every time that you turn around.  Not only is this frustrating, but it also adds up to a nice chunk of change in time!

There are a few ways to Pet proof blinds and leave this worry behind. Continue reading and discover five simple, easy, and affordable ways to pet proof the blinds throughout your home, and alleviate a little stress from your life.

1.    Keep Blinds Raised

This may not be a viable solution for pet owners with large breed dogs, however, many pet owners can avoid blinds devastation by simply raising the blinds ever so slightly so the animal is unable to reach it to do any damage.

2.    Puppy Blinds Deterrent

There are several sprays and deterrents that pet owners use to spray on the blinds if they have a pet that likes to chew them. These sprays are usually sour, and contain no harmful ingredients for your pet. The taste isn’t very exciting for a dog, however, and enough of those tastes and they’ll think twice about doing it a third time.

3.    Crate Method

Although many pet owners hate the idea of placing their dog into a crate, it is one that is sometimes necessary to use when it seems that your pet simply will not respond to anything else that you’ve tried. With proper training, the crating method can have your pet ready to roam through the home within a few weeks.

4.    Special Blinds

There are blinds made specifically for dog owners, and these blinds might be worth your consideration if you want blinds that your pet cannot destroy. Costs of these blinds vary, but the price is usually reasonable, especially considering how beneficially they truly are.

5.    Try a Different Type of Shades

Roller blinds, vertical blinds, and several other types are available. If you are having trouble with your pet getting a hold of your blinds, switching the type that you use might be